"Congrats" Gift Box

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A unique gift that will make anyone feel happy and blessed!

Please be aware that not every plant is the same, allow for variations in shape and colors.

Each Gift Comes Carefully Packaged In:

Premium Color Printed Mailer Gift Box (Our boxes are printed in color and are not your average, boring cardboard box)

2- 2.5” live succulent - packaged with great care

Scented 2oz candle (Approximate Burn Time: 12 Hours)

Colorful matches in a glass jar (randomly selected)

Beautiful greeting card with personalized message from you

Add ons:

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Compass Necklace

Satin Scrunchie


Natural Bar Soap

Mini Rose Quartz (one only)

Moisturizing Strawberry Scented Lip Balm

Natural scented Bath bomb

See's Candies (2 pieces)

If you are sending this box as a gift, REMEMBER to update your shipping address to where the gift is headed. Please don't forget to also include the name of the person the gift is FROM so that we can add this to the recipients personalized greeting card.

Care Guide


Succulents prefer daytime temperature between 70 ° F and 85 ° F


Make sure to place your succulent in indirect, natural light.


Water ONLY when the soil is completely dry. Your succulent needs to be watered every 1-3 weeks. Be careful not to overwater as this can cause the roots to rot.