• Care Guide

Succulents prefer daytime temperature between 70 ° F and 85 ° F

Make sure to place your succulent in indirect, natural light.

Water ONLY when the soil is completely dry. Your succulent needs to be watered every 1-3 weeks. Be careful not to overwater as this can cause the roots to rot.


  • How do I purchase multiple boxes if I’m sending them all to different addresses? 

If you are planning to send 4 or more boxes to different places, you can make the order then message us with the list of recipients, messages, and addresses.


  • Can my succulent sit in the package until I’m ready to gift it?

No, please remove your plant from its package as soon as you can so it can be in its best condition when you gift it.


  • What happens if I inputted the wrong shipping address?

If your package isn’t shipped, you can just message us and we’ll change it to the correct address.
If your package is already shipped, it is too late to change the address. We have to wait until the package comes back to us so we can re-ship it out to the correct address. Our boxes custom personalized items and are therefore non-refundable/ non-exchangeable.


  • Return and Exchange Policy:

These are custom personalized items and are therefore non-refundable/ non-exchangeable.


  • What happens if the item arrives damaged?

If you received a damaged item, you have a 48-hour window after its delivery to notify us and we will do out best to make it right for you.


  • What if I need my order on a certain day?

Please make sure to either message us or leave a note while ordering so we can help you accordingly.